Trigger KU Summary, Whats Next ?

Trigger KU Start-Up Weekend Summary 

#TriggerKU was a great success, the event attracted talented students from across all university campuses who displayed great enthusiasm and were excited to be given a chance to develop and compete their ideas.

A big thank you to all that attended, and a special thanks to our coaches who gave up their free time to mentor and share their experiences with our hungry entrepreneurs.


What happens next ? img_7428

Please lookout for confirmation email  where we will announce our finalists who then progress to the Bright Ideas Final on Wednesday 8th February .

In the meantime please show your support and book your tickets to the ceremony, follow the link below.




Last pitch practice 

We will invite any all finalists who would like to practice their pitch for the Bright Ideas Final.  This workshop will aim to polish your pitching skills by recapping some of the fundamentals we learnt during the Trigger KU weekend.

Time:  12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Date:  Wednesday 7th February

Location: Kingston Business School, KHBS3035

I have questions. Who can I talk to?

Please get in touch with Mae Henderson  or Sudiksha Chuturdharee















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