Trigger KU Start-Up Weekend

Saturday 20th January – Sunday 21st January 2018

Trigger KU is a Start Up Weekend which will bring together up to 100 students from Kingston University to work on or create excellent ideas for products, services or campaigns.

Who is KU Trigger for?

Everybody is welcome to attend this event, we want students that are considering starting a business, freelance or self-employment.

You may have design skills, analytical skills, graphic design, finance, accounting or anything essential to running a business. Or you may have an idea and need to collaborate with a graphic designer, animator, illustrator or creative student. Or you may have no ideas or skills but be interested in developing them.

Wherever you fit, this weekend is about growing your skills as an entrepreneurial person, connecting with like-minded students and learning from experts that have done it before.

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How does it relate to the Bright Ideas competition?

explanationStage two of the judging process of our annual Bright Ideas competition also takes place at the Trigger weekend so save the date!

It’s crucial to attend the weekend as you’ll gain valuable tips and training from our skilled coaches. The online Bright Idea application scores and the KU Trigger scores are then added together to find our Bright Ideas finalists.


Saturday: Students will work through the creative process and a business model or business plan.

Sunday: The weekend will culminate in pitching ideas to a panel of judges.

Download the brochure and coaches bios here 

The Start-Up Weekend is an excellent place for you if you are looking for feedback on an idea, a co-founder, specific skill sets, or a team to help you execute. This is the perfect environment to test an idea, strengthen an existing business or launch your own start-up.

To all students that have entered the Bright Ideas competition, attending Trigger KU will boost your chances of winning.

Why should I come along? 

  • Trigger KU is part of the judging process of Bright Ideas so coming along can significantly improve your chances of reaching the final
  • it is a great chance to develop your business idea with the help of our coaches
  • There is also the chance to pitch your idea to professionals and receive feedback from them
  • You also have the opportunity to find a team to help execute your business idea

How can I sign up? 


I have questions. Who can I talk to?

Please get in touch with Mae Henderson