The Power of Visualisation – A five step guide


Well before Jim Carey became the star he is today, he used to park his car on Muholland Drive every single night where he would visualise becoming the Hollywood Star we know him to be today. In addition, he also wrote himself a $10 million dollar cheque for a movie deal, dating it five years before that very day happened. Jim inevitabley secured that $10 million dollars to star in the now  classic comedy movie Dumb and Dumber.

The power of visualisation has always been talked about in psychology, success stories and self guide books. It has been instrumental in turning dreams to reality for  a number of elite athletes, singers and business CEOs. Scientists have also demonstrated that the brain fails to distinguish between reality and  a visualised image.

1. Utilise all your senses when visualising your dreams.

When visualising your dreams, involve all of your senses: touch,  sound, sight, smell and taste. Involve all the emotions you may feel in that vision,a smile, happiness, victory.

2. Take on board different perspectives.

You have to see yourself achieving these goals, firsfive-senses-icon-set_62147502195tly in your point of view: 1st person, then 2nd and 3rd person. Visualise being an audience member in the crowd and seeing yourself succeeding your dream.


3. Start to live your life as you’ve achieved your goal.

 Begin improving all aspects of your life that align with your vision. Begin living exactly like the person you want to be from how you dress, how you speak and most importantly implementing discClaim-Your-Victoryipline that will help you reach that milestone.

4.  Use self talk and self affirmations with your visualisations.

Everyday take a moment to speak t yourself, using only words and sentences you wish others would say about you. In addition, make sure you speak your dreams into reality, this will make you more determined to achieve them.

5. Create a dream collage.

Compile a collage that reflects the person you wan to become, include pictures, quotes and victories you desire to experience. Display the collage somewhere you will be exposed to everyday, this could be your wall, computer desk or fridge.


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