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Full name:   Aws Ismail

Company name: Peek Recruitment App LTD
Please tell us your business/project:

Peek is a recruitment app that will allow users to swipe their way through into their next successful job! Whether the user is looking for a part time job, a temp job or a full time career, the app will be targeted for all kinds of businesses from small retail shops and SME’s to large cooperation. The idea is that PEEK will become your personal recruiter, once you input your details and set up your profile, it will then automatically show you the jobs which actually match your experience, skills, and location and salary expectations. With an easy to use interface, you will find that looking for a job is not actually that hard anymore. PEEK allows you to get in touch directly with the employer, rather than a recruitment consultant or going through the boring process of sending hundreds of cv’s online. Once you have a match with an employer, you will then be promoted to ‘place a bid’ on the salary you expect with a reason why, this will allow people with less experience, to enter opportunities that they may have not considered before because they think they are under qualified, and in the same way, it will allow candidate who believe they deserve more salary because of the work they have done and experience, to display this. It will also allow you to see what the going market rate for your skill and industry is, so that you secure a role that you are paid fairly in!

What inspired you start your own business/project?

leverage-in-the-financial-marketsI have always wanted to get into business somehow or another, in fact this is my third company. The first company I did when I was at university but it did not work out unfortunately, probably due to the lack of experience and guidance. Since graduating from university, I got into recruitment and after one year, I decided I had enough exposure and understanding to be able to do it myself, so I successfully set up Marc Ellis Consulting along with two other partners, one in fact who was also a Kingston Uni Student.

Marc Ellis Consulting is a successful ICT specialist recruitment company focusing predominately within the Middle East region. Three years on, we have an office in London, office in Dubai, and in the process of opening an office in Saudi Arabia. Through this experience, we noticed there is a gap in the market for a ‘great app’ that does what we do on a daily basis, but in a much easier way, and with the growing popularity of apps such as tinder, inspired us to create PEEK.

What was your biggest fear about starting your business and how have you overcome it?

The biggest fear about starting my own business was always about how I generated enough income to be able to survive until the business kicks off. The first business I set up, I struggled a lot, I was practically living on credit cards and loans which is the worst thing you can do, because it is a big distraction! However, upon its failure, rather then be upset and disappointed, I decided to see the loses I made as the cost of learning to do it right the next time around. When I started Marc Ellis Consulting, I made sure I had planned everything ahead, from the markets I will be working on, to the finances etc. I also created milestones which allowed me to keep on track.

What are you most proud of? – e.g. personal milestones, awards, sales, awareness increase, positive feedback.

I am proud that I am slowly but surely realising my ambition to have a business which is successful, creating jobs, teams who have become like family, and literally making a difference in the world. I made suure that I communicated with as many students and staff members as possible.

How does your business differ from others? What’s your USP (unique selling point) ?

PEEK is different because it combines both social apps and business apps together, We are putting what people are used to on a social app, to allow them to find their next job! It will take the stress away from finding a job and will allow them to actually enjoy it. Plus the opportunity to place bids on the jobs they apply for, this will open up the opportunity for people to successfully place them selves in opportunities they may have not been able to get before, and also understand what the correct market rate is. The app will also allow the user to be in direct contact with an employer who has displayed interest by swiping ‘like’ on the profile, cutting out the middle men and saving a lot of time!

How did you come up with your business name and branding imagery?

Our vision is for the app to become a huge success, the next Linkedin/Tinder. To do this, we thought that we needed a short, catchy name, that people will not forget, we thought about naming the app with something job related, but then thought it would be quite boring. The idea was that we needed a name that even a toddler will remember, and we came up with PEEK, ( using the app to peek at potential opportunities ). Also we did a test to see with my niece and her friends ( all aged 5-6) by showing them the logo once, and asking them to draw it out of memory. That was successful, hence why we went along with it.

How have you promoted or marketed your business?

We are still in the development stage of the app, but have started by setting up a landing page to allow users to register and be notified when the app is available. We want to attract as many students as possible because, I myself know how hard it is when you have just graduated and need to find a job that fits you – Hopefully this will be the solution.

How did you raise funds for your business/project?

From our existing business funds. However, we are in the process of looking for more investors, marketing can be extremely expensive!

Looking back, what would you have done differently with your business/project?

At the moment, nothing. Every mistake I make is a lesson learned and it helps us to create a bigger and better brand.

Looking back, what would you have done differently with your business/project?

At the moment, nothing , Every mistake I make is a lesson learned and it helps us to create a bigger and better band.

What do you want to be in 5 years ?

The next Mark Zuckerberg of the UK!

How has/did University support you in developing and growing your business/project?

The university has allowed me to reach out to the students through the newsletter and their online presence.

Why do you believe enterprise skills are important? Please give us a brief quote.

Many people come up with brilliant ideas but not many make them a reality. Having enterprise skills and the right motivation allows you to make your dream come true.

How can we get in contact with you ?

Phone: 07931699991



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