‘KU Entrepreneurs’ take part in the National Apprentice Challenge 2016

National Apprentice Challenge – Kingston Entrepreneurs

1522760_554221868079676_2145863101562162070_oA team of Kingston students participated in the National Apprentice Challenge 2016, competing against 80 students from 11 other universities across the UK. The intense two-day competition encouraged teams to work together, applying their knowledge, strengths and weaknesses to complete the proposed tasks and achieve the best results.

The first task had Manasi, Karan, Shinny and Shivari running a virtual mid-sized airline business for 7 months, using award-winning online simulation software. The aim of the task was for each virtual business to make as much net profit as possible, with points awarded dependent on the amount of profit made. This task consisted of five rounds in which ‘KU Entrepreneurs’ were ranked 4th place in several of them.

The second stage of the competition had team ‘KU Entrepreneurs’ conceptualising and pitching their innovative ideas for The Next Social Media Platform. Our students had only 3 minutes to pitch their ideas to a panel of serial entrepreneurs and judges. Karan Chafekar, MBA student said,  ” This round gave us experience pitching an idea in a limited time frame, to a panel of potential investors, which will be helpful in the future”.

Group photo

Manasi Jade, MA Design student said, “We had a really good time and it was a fantastic experience!”, followed by Karan Chafekar, MBA student, saying “we would like to thank Kingston University for giving us this opportunity and sponsoring us to take part in NAC 2016”.

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