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Do you need funding for your idea? Do you want to build a prototype or test a design? KUBacker can help!


KUBacker is a crowdfunding site solely for KU staff and students. We can help you raise support for your social enterprise or start-up business, and help showcase your idea to 1000s of alumni (we have more than 100,000 alumni with known email addresses). There are no fees to use the platform, you receive 100% of the money raised – providing you reach your minimum target – and in some cases there is £ for £ matched funding available. We’d love to help get your idea off the ground and support innovation happening here at Kingston!


KUBacker is Kingston University’s very own crowdfunding platform. It allows students and members of the University to develop their interests and to pursue creative and entrepreneurial projects; which will make a difference to the lives of their fellow students, the University and the wider community.

Through KUBacker we’ve shifted the power into your hands. Whether you’re a student, a team or a member of staff KUBacker can help you change the world one donation at a time.

Use KUBacker NOW to raise funds from your networks

There is no need to wait. We have done a ‘soft launch’ of the site and you can raise funds from your networks right now!

Contact us for help and advice on getting your project up and running and how to effectively promote your campaign

Take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Project promoted to Kingston University alumni, over 190,000 potential donors worldwide.
  • There is no charge to use the site (annual fees are covered by DARE).
  • Gift-aid (+25%) can be added to donations.

Be an early adopter to get £ for £ funding!*

For a short period of time, eligible projects will be offered £ for £ funding on money raised. Contact Chris Clements on kubacker@kingston.ac.uk to find out if your project would be eligible.

Find out more here, or email Sarah at s.duncan@kingston.ac.uk

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