How to Identify, Attract and Keep Your Perfect Target Customer in 5 Steps!

One of the biggest concerns of running a small business is finding new prospects to keep your sales pipelines full. You can panic if you have no systematic plan on how to identify who your perfect customer is, where to find them and how to nurture them to a sale.

Don’t neglect one of the most important aspects of marketing: identifying, attracting and keeping your ideal customer

Here’s how to discover your perfect target customer:

1. Defining the perfect customer

Defining your target customers means identifying the specific needs (“pain points”) and characteristics of the consumers or businesses who you believe will buy your product. This demographic profile for end-user customers can include age, gender, income, occupation, marital status (and family), hobbies and interests. For business markets, you would look at a particular profile, including industry, revenue, location and number of employees.

2. Find the perfect customer

Once you’ve gone through the exercise of identifying your perfect prospects, you need to find them. To do so, you should be where the conversations are. What are your potential customers discussing their issues and problems? Use search engines: Use keywords to search for customer problems that your company targets.

3. Nurture the perfect customer

To nurture a customer successfully, you should not only understand the difference between selling and marketing, but also between suspects and prospects. Marketing gets people who feel the pain your business solves (suspects) to identify themselves. Sales activities present those people (now prospects) with a specific solution to turn them into customers.

4. Market to your suspects

Your suspect list is large. It consists of anyone whose business problem your company can solve. Since it may not be economical to directly sell to each suspect individually, the goal is to get them to self-select. Tactics for this includes: Advertising, Direct e-mail, Trade shows, etc.

5. Market to your prospects

Your prospect list is a subset of your suspect list. It’s much smaller because the customers on this list fulfil three requirements: – You know they have a problem you can solve – They have the money to solve the problem – You know the decision maker

You should touch each of these prospects individually and as consistently as possible through a variety of media. The idea is to be there at the moment when their pain is so great, they must buy something.

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