Five Tips To Get Your Invention To The Market



To get an invention in the market, a 21st century inventor needs to be hard headed, committed, business-like and in for the long run.

It can be a long road and, in an increasingly crowded market, it can be tough, but success lies in getting the right advice and guidance along the way.

Here are five practical tips and words of wisdom to get you started:

  1. Before starting, ask yourself: is there anything else out there which does the same thing? Is it new? Is it global?
  2. Don’t be afraid to patent late. If you patent too early, you may find that your invention changes so much in the development phase that you will need to redraft a new patent later on, doubling the cost.
  3. Keep it a secret – make sure everyone you show it to sign a confidentiality agreement. If a company will not sign, you may want to file a patent application first.
  4. Get proper, working samples made up.
  5. Get advice from lots of different people – not just one. You should also write a business plan with a good story. The latter helps to attract investors.

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