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Last month you might have read about Amelia and George’s experience working with Young Lillies as part of their summer internship. This month, we hear from Bisma Hussain, who recently finished her internship with Fitness 2 Practice.

Untitled-1Social Enterprise: Fitness 2 Practise

CEO & Founder: Beverley Boon

Interns: Bisma Hussain

Degree: Business Information Technology

What is the company?

Fitness 2 Practise is an organisation which helps medical professionals complete the paperwork associated with revalidation. Fitness 2 Practise have identified a time and cost effective method of ensuring doctors meet the requirements for revalidation every 5 years. They provide a service which helps doctors with the revalidation process by completing all necessary paperwork and keeping all portfolios up to date which are needed for the appraisal.

What was the project? What did the intern do?

Bisma helped to get the company’s LinkedIn and Twitter page going by sending out messages and promoting the service provided. She also found various different networks associated with doctors which the business could use as a way of advertising. Also, Bisma looked through the company’s current database of contacts for various organisations and helped to check that the information was all current and up to date as well as all the contact details as this would help to ensure that the company is able to contact all potential clients efficiently. Bisma helped with the contacting of various doctors surgeries who could be possible clients and helped with following up on conversations. This helped the business to market its products to numerous doctors in the most effective way.

“Bisma our intern helped by researching relevant people to contact within organisations and also following up which was very useful and we liked” Beverley Boon, Fitness 2 Practise CEO

What was the outcome of the internship?

The outcome of the internship is that it has given Fitness 2 Practise more ways of communicating and reaching out to different clients. This can be done through the use of the new social media links of Twitter and LinkedIn pages as well as through the various new networks which can be used as advertising space. Through the social media and the contact with various clients, it has helped with promoting the brand and people being more aware of the company and its service.

“From working alongside Beverley in her business, I have learnt a lot more of the level of detail that goes into developing a business and expanding the client base. I feel this will help me throughout my degree and also in my career later on”. Bisma Hussain Kingston University. 

What did both parties learn from this social enterprise project?

From this internship, Bisma learnt a lot more about how you can use various networks to grow a business client base as well as how to use social media more effectively. Bisma has also developed her communication skills through the contacting of potential clients and also her social media marketing skills.

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