Logo 2Make a difference in your community, while gaining the experience, skills and contacts necessary to build a successful career!

We are looking for students to be part of our first ever Kingston University Enactus group.

If you are a student that has an interest in developing your skills through a practical ongoing experience that will be helping locally and internationally, then get in touch with us to find out more.

You could be involved in one of our existing project ideas or come up with your own! You don’t need any business training or experience to be part of the Kingston University Enactus team; in fact we are looking for students with a variety of skills and backgrounds.

More about Enactus;

Gain real world experience – apply your classroom learnings to develop real programs that achieve real results for real people. Develop teamwork, leadership and communication skills from real life experiences.

Start a great career – did you know that Enactus is supported by some of the best companies in the world who compete very aggressively for the opportunity to meet and recruit Enactus students? Meet, networking and connect with the executives and recruiters from these companies.

Represent your university – working as a team, represent Kingston within the community and the Enactus network, directly contributing to the positive reputation of Kingston University.

For information about Enactus or to join our team, please email entrepreneurship@kingston.ac.uk

Key Dates:

Training Weekend  November 2016
National Competition  April 2017
How to Apply  To register your interest, please email entrepreneurship@kingston.ac.uk


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