Competition winners announcement

Thank you to all that entered the University Alliance competition and the Santander competition.

We can now announce that the winners are…

*drum roll please*


Ashema Edwards – Dinky Do Dah

Ashema Edwards – Dinky Do Dah

Dinky Do Dah is London’s first nail art studio exclusively for kids. They provide fun nail art designs that can be customised to fit any party/event theme. Their nail polish and paints are non-toxic, odour-free and 100% washable so are safe for children to use and won’t ruin any of their clothes. 


Alan and David Danagher – ADGELO

Alan and David Danagher – ADGELO formally known as Deal Angel

ADGELO will be a profile based online community market hub for selling and buying both new and used items. ADGELO will be a profile based online market hub for selling and buying both new and used items. Although it will be a localised hub, it can be used by retail outlets, shops and businesses, traders and also for people wanting to sell any unwanted items. There will be an option to trade or swap items among users. The location bar will allow users to find items and services which are located locally to where they reside. They will also have access to a variety of new items within their areas of interest from well known top brand suppliers.


Sam Nozdrachov – L Samuel 

Sam Nozdrachov – L Samuel

L.Samuel concentrates on integrating power bank technologies into high-quality stationery products. At L.Samuel, they believe that charging your mobile devices on the go can be discreet. However, at the moment normal power banks can be messy and intrusive in the modern business environment. What makes our products unique is that, for the first time you can charge your device inside the notebook on a table and no one around you will know it. With our notebooks, you are getting rid of cables and always have quick access to your smartphone while you are charging it.


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