Celebrate Enterprise Highlights

Celebrate Enterprise is an evening dedicated to highlighting and congratulating students and staff for their entrepreneurial successes.

Vince Tallent with the Kingston ENACTUS winners

Congratulations to all our nominated students and staff for this year’s Celebrate Enterprise. Out of the many nominations the Enterprise department received a shortlist was formed. Projects such as CanAdvice, a virtual care system for cancer patients and WBTA (Welcome back to Africa), which is a social enterprise which aims to create a student network to work on the development of education in Africa, were just some of the amazing projects thriving in Kingston University.

Two visiting entrepreneurs, Charles Irving and Vince Tallent gave fantastic motivational speeches on passion and what makes a good entrepreneur.

Vince Tallent with young enterprise winners 7Thirty

Staff awards

Staff Enterprise Champion

  • Team: Shereen Nabhani – Gebara, Reem Kayyali, Nada Philip (SEC) *winner*
  • Elinor Renfrew (FADA)
  • Yahya Zweiri (SEC)

 Social Entrepreneur

  • Martyn Keen (HSE)
  • Smirti Kutaula (BL) *winner*
  • Cathy Gale (FADA)

 Commercial Entrepreneur

  • Andy Hudson, Anne Rawlings and Teresa Noguera (HSE)
  • Jelena Petrovic (BL)
  • Vladlena Benson (BL) *winner*


Vince Tallent with Enterprise Champion winner Petar Lachev and friends


Enterprise Champion

  • Andrea Capera Patino
  • Petar Lachev *winner*
  • Valentine Feldbergs

Most Enterprising Student

  • Patience Mhindu *winner*
  • Mohammed Yusuf Ali
  • Odella Yue

Social Enterprise Award

  • Ives Kabayabaya
  • The Enactus Team *winner*
  • KU Ideas Lab

Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Sam Nozdrachov (L Samuel) *winner*
  • Neomi Bennet
  • Kseniia Tarasova (Freshpoint)

Trophies for the Celebrate Enterprise award ceremony

For more photos please click here  (KU staff/students only)

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