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Neomi Bennett on The Chrissy B Show!

Kingston Nursing graduate Neomi Bennett, founder of Neo-slip, appeared on the Chrissy B Show on 14th July 2014 @ 10pm to chat about her invention. Here’s how she got on!

Neomi showed viewers how simple but effective Neo-slip was by portraying the difference of applying the DVT stockings with and without the use of the Neo-slip. Chrissy B’s delighted reaction showed how well Neomi’s product worked and the clear benefits of her innovative idea. Neomi managed to find a solution to a big problem and has taken feedback on board along the way.

When asked what advice she would give to somebody who has an idea, Neomi said:

“I think the first step to do is maybe talk about it to other people and get some independent feedback from colleagues and friends and also patients [customers] because they are really good at expressing what they want to nurses [or companies] and telling you what they don’t like. You can actually use those ideas and come up with solutions.”

Neo-slip is going from strength to strength, having won 10 awards and being available in NHS hospitals, privately and in nursing homes. We are delighted hear all the positive feedback received about Neo-slip!

You can watch Neomi on the Chrissy B Show on YouTube:

Bright Ideas Winners 2014

Bright Ideas Grand Final Winners!

With anticipation and excitment, our winners were delighted to find out their ideas had won the £1,000 prize! Students came from a variation of subjects and universities under WestFocus to compete in this annual event.

BI winners

The winners highlighted the benefits of applying for the Bright Ideas competition:

“Bright Ideas gave me a huge confidence to make my idea happen.” – Karina Bogdanova

“Through Bright Ideas I learnt to put a business model on and market it effectively.” – Jack-James Marlow

“Winning Bright Ideas has put more confidence in me to believe in myself to the ideas and products I have in me and to enter in more competitions to win prizes.” – Sif Evy Ntuali

“It is good to see that there is support. Through the application process I learnt that it is always good to have a go. If you see something go for it, don’t hesitate. Don’t think about it, just do it, because you don’t know what the result is going to be at the end.” – Hugo Valencia Reyes

“What I’ve learnt through applying is trying is the best way of learning.” – Nobuntu Dubazana

Watch the full video below to hear what our winners had to say about the competition, their advice as well as more on their winning ideas:

Got an idea? Apply for a chance to win!

You could win up to £1,000! Plus, this is a great opportunity for you to meet like minded individuals! The event also offers students a pitching workshop. Learn to develop your networking skills. Don’t miss your next opportunity on February 4th 2015!

Tip: This is an impressive curricular activity for your CV.

Stay tuned for more information about Bright Ideas 2015!

Enteprise! Spotlight: Neomi Bennet

Neomi BennetWhilst studying on Kingston Univerisity’s nursing programme, Neomi identified a difficulty in applying the stockings used to treat and prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Neomi solved this problem with Neo-slip®, an innovative and practical product that aids application of hospital and flight stockings. Neo-slip is going from strength to strength, having won 10 awards and being available in NHS hospitals, privately and in nursing homes. It’s now trademarked, patented, and pending international sales in USA, Canada and Ireland.

“I came up with the idea while I was on a placement in the community and saw a patient and relative struggling to put on anti-embolism stockings,” Neomi explained. “Patients are often left to their own devices – one woman was so afraid to ask a nurse how to get the stockings on that she ended up using them as curtain ties. That seemed terrible because the stockings can be a life-saver.”

Demand for Neo-slip® is at an all-time high because currently 25,000 people die each year in the United Kingdom of preventable DVT. Having won 14 awards (including Nursing Times, Lloyds TSB, Smarta100 and National Patient safety) she recently exhibited Neo-slip in Taiwan and Austria and in addition, she received an invite to meet Brazilian health secretaries at Kensington palace. Noemi will be exhibiting at the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) conference at NEC Birmingham on 25th of March 2014.

“Leaving school without qualifications meant I wasn’t very confident academically so I had to take lots of small steps to become a registered nurse but Kingston and St George’s have been really supportive,” she said. “It’s been a challenge but it’s been the best thing for me, and it’s inspired my children.” Neomi said she hoped her children Tashan, 20, Meshack, 16, and Indiyah, 8, would follow her in going on to higher education. Indiyah was now a bookworm, she said, after taking books out of the university’s children’s library when she accompanied her to study sessions.

She added: “I’d like to inspire other people to go to university, especially those that didn’t do well at school. It takes courage but you have to just take that jump and go for it and, if necessary, take it in small stages – you’ll get there in the end.”

neoslip logoTo learn more, follow Neomi@
Twitter : @neoslip
Facebook: The Neo-slip (Award winning)


0084-CELEBRATE_ENTERPRISE-Ezzidin_Alwan-WEBFrom left to right: Mohammed Al-Sarraf, Gabby Cartwright, Dwain Reid & Dennis Aguma

On Thursday, 3 April, Ruby McGregor Smith, CEO of Mitie Group PLC and form Kingston University Alumna was the keynote speaker of the event held at Kingston University Business School. Speaking to the audience on ‘How to get to the top in your Industry’, Ruby gave insightful advice to those pursuing an entrepreneurial path.

In addition, six winners were announced after a receiving numerous nominations from across the university. These winners have demonstrated both skill and determination in areas of entrepreneurship and enterprise in six categories: social entrepreneurship, commercial entrepreneur, enterprise champion, most entrepreneurial, and entrepreneur of the year for student and staff.

Winners showcased the current projects, ranging from charitable ventures such as ChiriP, eco-friendly products including Pozzy and Tunisian inspired crafts to innovative businesses such as RG Whitney professional chef agency and Ecubee in the UK.

“Celebrate Enterprise is our annual event when we recognise and congratulate Kingston’s Enterprise Stars. These are the people – students and staff – who have excelled this year in some aspect of Enterprise.” – Martha Mador, Head of Entreprise Education

Celebrate Enterprise Awards Winners 2014 include:

Dragon’s Den Judging Event

Congratulations to Le Petit Sac winners of the £3,000 Seed Funding Prize!

  • Judy Maamari
  • Rueiwen Wei
  • Hsiao-Kai Lin
  • Mohamed Ashiq

Student Enterprise Champion – Hugo Valencia

This award went to Hugo Valencia, team leader and co-founder of the e-Racing team at Kingston University. His contribution of student enterprise activities has helped to enhance the University’s reputation in the field of engineering.

Most Entrepreneurial Student – Dennis Aguma

This award was given to Dennis Aguma for his ethical digital platform to transform fundraising in the third sector. “This award really means a lot, especially coming from the Enterprise Department who have been very supportive – most notably project officer Dwain Reid and resident entrepreneur Simon Hulme, who has been by my side in my quest for funding,” said Dennis.

Entrepreneur of the Year – Mohammad Al-Saraf

This award went to Mohammad Al-Saraf who co-founded Wingmen Design Studio, a web and graphic design and marketing business, with the help and support of the University. He has also successfully established two other businesses and is involved in the social enterprising event CodeSome.

Staff Enterprise Champion – Debra Riley

This award went to Debra Riley, senior researcher in the Department of Strategy, Marketing and Innovation. Debra has a good approach for incorporating academic knowledge to real world situations that is effective in advocating enterprise through the University, supporting its development and the development of colleagues.

Staff Social Entrepreneur of the Year – Michelle Grainger, FHSCE

This award went to Michelle Grainger of Health, Social Care and Education. Michelle established NursesReachingOut in Gulu, Uganda, which supports local nurses and raises funds to equip and Malaria-mesh-proof hospitals. “I am delighted to get this award,” she said. “I have already had offers of support directly impacting the project which is fantastic; I am hoping this will continue.”

Staff Commercial Entrepreneur of the Year – Phil Carver

This award went to Phil Carver, associate professor in the School of Rehabilitation Sciences. Phil has had a great impact on social entrepreneurship on behalf of the University. He has contributed to the development of surplus-making activities for the University. “I am delighted to be acknowledged for my work with industry, naturally enhancing the learning experience of our students,” said Phil.

2014 Celebrate Enterprise Awards Finalists include:

  • Christopher Howe – Physiology Laboratory Technician, SEC
  • Phillip Carver – School of Rehabilitation Sciences, HSCE
  • Robert Sugden – Research, Kingston Law School
  • James Denholm-Price  – School of Mathematics, SEC
  • James Orwell – Head of the Visual Surveillance Research Group, SEC
  • Karen Hurley – English Language Development, FASS
  • Fiona Quinn – Researcher, School of Surveying & Planning
  • Deborah Riley – Dept. of Strategy, Marketing & Innovation, B&L
  • Michelle Grainger – School of Nursing, Kingston University
  • Karen Cham – Director of Digital Media Kingston, FADA
  • Dennis Aguma – Founder of ChariP
  • Hend Krichen – Founder of Tunisia Made
  • Ryan Sayce & Will Franden – Kingston Arts London Student Festival (KALSF)
  • Kaya Cheshire – Founder of HelloAlice
  • Lauren McCormack- Mountaineering Club President
  • Levi Durant – Founder of Hiretise
  • Mohanned Al-Sarraf – Co-founder of Wingmen Design Studio
  • Ryan Guy Whitney – Founder of Michelin Starred Chef Resourcing Agency
  • Shruti Barton – Founder of Easthetic
  • Le Petit Sac – winners of the £3,000 Seed Funding Prize!
  • Bookworm – Creators of the Bookworm educational app

To view photos from the event, click here.

As always, it was a great event that showcased Kingston University’s entrepreneurial talent. Interested? Here’s a link to 2013’s winners!

10th Anniversary Bright Ideas competition 2014

250 winners

We can’t believe it’s over- Last Wednesday 5th of February we celebrated Bright Ideas’ 10th Anniversary!

Bright Ideas is a competition run by WestFocus, a collaboration between Kingston, Royal Holloway, Westminster, Brunel, St George’s and Roehampton Universities. This is a terrific competition for students to submit their Bright Ideas. We’ve admired the diversity of ideas that this year has brought from a luxury lingerie brand to an anti-bullying theatre workshop. We had 6 prizes of £1,000 and 10 prizes of £250, with 15 out of the 16 prizes being Kingston University students!

shed omgShed Simove, inspiring entrepeneur, awed us all with his witty products and top tips! He even told the story of how he became bestseller, at one point topping Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Code, with a 200 page blank book! (no, we’re not joking!) Shed showed how motivation and creativity can come together to create a bestselling product!

Shruti Barton, last years previous winner, also gave an insightful talk on how her company, Easthetic London, had grown in a year and how the Bright Ideas award helped in the process.

Some key points to keep in mind for future, or present, entrepeneurs were shared throughout the event!

Congratulations to the winners and all participants! Like Prof. Julius Weinberg, Kingston University’s Vice-Chancellor, said ‘You’ve had the guts and the courage to create something and try by entering this competition, and that is success.’

And the winners were…

£1,000 winners and their winning idea:

  • Karina Bogdanova – Kingston University: BabyAir is a safety capsule that protects babies from being exposed to toxins in air polluted cities.
  • Sifa Evy Ntuali – Kingston: A recycling and waste collection project to help D.R. Congo look cleaner and generate employment.
  • Mikey  Drakes, Stuart  Kenworthy, Mike Robertson and Edwin Cornish – Kingston University: A revolutionary product to improve paediatric care by providing more control and insight into baby feeding habits.
  • Nobuntu Dubazana – Kingston University:  Surfs Up – an anti-bullying theatre workshop that brings the cyber bully face to face with reality.
  • Hugo Valencia Reyes, Jordan Binns and Guilherme Beirao – Kingston University: KU e-Racing wants to manufacture the second generation of their electric racing car, involving students from all disciplines.
  • Jack-James Marlow – Kingston University: A small modular bi-propellant rocket engine to allow low cost component testing.

£250 prize winners and their winning idea:

  • Ugonna Ndianefo, Chinedu Onyeama,  Semih Erkul and Abraham Utong – Kingston University: A project to recycle hybrid and electric car batteries in the UK.
  • Judy Maamari, Hsiao-Kai Lin, Ruei-wenWei and Mohamed  Ashiq – Kingston University: Le petit sac – an affordable and stylish foldable bag for women to pack their heels into on a night-out.
  • Chelia BatkinKingston University: A careers advice and guidance website for secondary school students (specifically years 9 to 11).
  • Amruta Pendse – Kingston University: A Mumbai-themed café house, called ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ in the heart of Central London.
  • Jorge Ortiz and Aleksi  SarnolaKingston University:  ARDBOX – An innovative way to transport medicines and body samples.
  • Hazel Oakes – Kingston University: A luxury lingerie brand whose collections are inspired by different areas of London, encouraging people to embrace the city.
  • Waeophong Waeochimphli – Kingston University:  Hydro bag – a disposable transparent plastic bag to protect luxury handbags from the rain, that is user-friendly and cost effective.
  • Leonie Mckale-Parris, Edwin Ikechi and Evaldine Enyong and Brunel and Kingston Universities: THE GiST is a new pre-recorded online show celebrating the growth and the success of the African & Urban Culture.
  • William Brook – Kingston University: Open source, cloud-based nursing informatics solution for gathering patient observation data and making it available to any electronic medical record.
  • Daniel Prempeh – University of Westminster: Cycle London celebrates the union of cycling and style with multi-coloured bikes, parts and accessories.

A massive thank you to all those who took part and attended this year! And we hope to see you, and some new faces, next year!