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International Hackathon

How would you like to extend your network, respond to a global challenge working internationally with people you’ve never met before and submit a pitch for an innovative idea?  Here’s your chance.

        This May we will be running an international, online Hackathon with universities from 6 different countries. The Hackathon will give you the opportunity to join a virtual, international team, and work together to develop an idea for a product or service.

        The challenge will focus on a topic of global interest: Cities of the Future.

Students from all disciplines, of all ages and all backgrounds are welcome!

Some great reasons to get involved:

  • meet new people based in different countries and universities
  • gain experience of working virtually in a team
  • practice developing exciting solutions to real problems – the starting point of entrepreneurship
  • put something different on your cv
  • participation is free to Kingston students.

 Nuts and bolts and timeline:

  1. The Hackathon is taking place in May.
  2. To participate, you will need to register with us by April 30th.
  3. Online materials and instructions will be available to everyone from 5 May.
  4. Preparatory materials and activities should take you approximately 2-3 hours over a 10 day period (5 – 18 May). These include short readings, videos, slide sets, a questionnaire and some shared tasks.
  5. The Hackathon is taking place over the weekend of 19 – 22 May. You will be able to participate from home, mobile, or at your university or office. Online mentors will be accessible, but you will work mostly with your team, by video link, messaging, or through noticeboards.
  6. Final pitches will be submitted on the 22nd May
  7. After the Hackathon weekend, we will ask you for feedback.


Interested? Please contact Bakhona Hawes. Making sure you put HACKATHON in the title of your email. 


Competition winners announcement

Thank you to all that entered the University Alliance competition and the Santander competition.

We can now announce that the winners are…

*drum roll please*


Ashema Edwards – Dinky Do Dah

Ashema Edwards – Dinky Do Dah

Dinky Do Dah is London’s first nail art studio exclusively for kids. They provide fun nail art designs that can be customised to fit any party/event theme. Their nail polish and paints are non-toxic, odour-free and 100% washable so are safe for children to use and won’t ruin any of their clothes. 


Alan and David Danagher – ADGELO

Alan and David Danagher – ADGELO formally known as Deal Angel

ADGELO will be a profile based online community market hub for selling and buying both new and used items. ADGELO will be a profile based online market hub for selling and buying both new and used items. Although it will be a localised hub, it can be used by retail outlets, shops and businesses, traders and also for people wanting to sell any unwanted items. There will be an option to trade or swap items among users. The location bar will allow users to find items and services which are located locally to where they reside. They will also have access to a variety of new items within their areas of interest from well known top brand suppliers.


Sam Nozdrachov – L Samuel 

Sam Nozdrachov – L Samuel

L.Samuel concentrates on integrating power bank technologies into high-quality stationery products. At L.Samuel, they believe that charging your mobile devices on the go can be discreet. However, at the moment normal power banks can be messy and intrusive in the modern business environment. What makes our products unique is that, for the first time you can charge your device inside the notebook on a table and no one around you will know it. With our notebooks, you are getting rid of cables and always have quick access to your smartphone while you are charging it.


Celebrate Enterprise Highlights

Celebrate Enterprise is an evening dedicated to highlighting and congratulating students and staff for their entrepreneurial successes.

Vince Tallent with the Kingston ENACTUS winners

Congratulations to all our nominated students and staff for this year’s Celebrate Enterprise. Out of the many nominations the Enterprise department received a shortlist was formed. Projects such as CanAdvice, a virtual care system for cancer patients and WBTA (Welcome back to Africa), which is a social enterprise which aims to create a student network to work on the development of education in Africa, were just some of the amazing projects thriving in Kingston University.

Two visiting entrepreneurs, Charles Irving and Vince Tallent gave fantastic motivational speeches on passion and what makes a good entrepreneur.

Vince Tallent with young enterprise winners 7Thirty

Staff awards

Staff Enterprise Champion

  • Team: Shereen Nabhani – Gebara, Reem Kayyali, Nada Philip (SEC) *winner*
  • Elinor Renfrew (FADA)
  • Yahya Zweiri (SEC)

 Social Entrepreneur

  • Martyn Keen (HSE)
  • Smirti Kutaula (BL) *winner*
  • Cathy Gale (FADA)

 Commercial Entrepreneur

  • Andy Hudson, Anne Rawlings and Teresa Noguera (HSE)
  • Jelena Petrovic (BL)
  • Vladlena Benson (BL) *winner*


Vince Tallent with Enterprise Champion winner Petar Lachev and friends


Enterprise Champion

  • Andrea Capera Patino
  • Petar Lachev *winner*
  • Valentine Feldbergs

Most Enterprising Student

  • Patience Mhindu *winner*
  • Mohammed Yusuf Ali
  • Odella Yue

Social Enterprise Award

  • Ives Kabayabaya
  • The Enactus Team *winner*
  • KU Ideas Lab

Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Sam Nozdrachov (L Samuel) *winner*
  • Neomi Bennet
  • Kseniia Tarasova (Freshpoint)

Trophies for the Celebrate Enterprise award ceremony

For more photos please click here  (KU staff/students only)

The KEEP Project – Permaculture Enterprise Guide

The Knowledge Exchange for Entrepreneurship in Permaculture (KEEP) project encourages and supports permaculture-inspired entrepreneurs. In particular we want to support new business start ups.

The aims of the project are to:

  • conduct preliminary research on the current state of permaculture enterprises and entrepreneurship;
  • identify and explore key factors underlying the success of permaculture enterprises;
  • identify, prepare and share case studies of outstanding permaculture enterprises;
  • develop knowledge resources and knowledge sharing processes which will encourage a new wave of permaculture-inspired enterprises and;
  • assist the Permaculture Association to create an enterprise hub

Their website provides advice, tips and useful links to help permaculture-inspired entrepreneurs.

For more information head to their website

University Alliance Competition

Innovating Future Business

Innovating Future Business 2017

University Alliance is pleased to announce Innovating Future Business – an enterprise competition encouraging innovative, forward-thinking business ideas, open to current and former students of participating institutions across the University Alliance group.


Winners will be announced at the Celebrate Enterprise Event on the

23rd  March 2017.

You will need to provide a 2 minute video outlining idea behind your business supported by a business model canvas using this template

Then please email Mae Henderson with your video and business model canvas stating which category you are entering e.g. pre-revenue or post-revenue category

Helpful resources: business-model-canvas-support-document

Please note if you are also applying for the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards competition you may submit the same video and business model canvas for both competitions.

What is Innovating Future Business 2017?

An enterprise competition for students and graduates of Alliance universities, in collaboration with the University of SalfordANS GroupCariocca EnterprisesMarketing SignalsWakelet, and Web Applications UK.

The competition includes multiple investors, with a prize pool of £5,000 entrants will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges at the Innovating Future Business 2017 final on Wednesday 10 May 2017, hosted by the University of Salford at MediaCityUK. There will be a single winner, but all entrants will have the opportunity to get advice and feedback on their ideas from the judges.

The investors will be looking for a proposal for a business or start-up product or service that demonstrates a viable business with a low cost of entry, evidence of sound market research, and crucially an innovative idea with a ‘wow’ factor.

Who can participate?

The competition is open to students and graduates in all subject areas – entrants don’t need to be studying a business-specific field but should have a good understanding of the specialisms needed to get their idea off the ground. Entrants are encouraged to view their business idea as the ‘real thing’ and not a theoretical idea. The personality of the founder/co-founders is also an integral part of the final decision – this is something that will come through during the pitch.

Each university participating in this years’ competition will select their entry to pitch at the Innovating Future Business 2017 final.

How to enter:

Entrants will be selected by participating universities by Friday24 March2017 and will be asked to complete a short entry form to introduce themselves and their business idea ahead of the final. To enter, you must provide a proposal for investment in a start-up or business idea, product or service. Throughout the competition, all concepts pitched will remain the Intellectual Property of the respective competitors.

The Innovating Future Business final takes place on Wednesday 10 May 2017 at MediaCityUK in Salford. The finalists will have a five-minute slot to pitch their idea, after which time they will answer questions posed to them by the investors, university staff and other industry experts.

Contact your university’s Enterprise team or Business school for more details about how to enter.

Innovating Future Business 2017 in partnership with:

Innovating Future Business Investors