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Bright Ideas Final


We’ve come a long way from online applications, through to KU Trigger and finally we have arrived at the Bright Ideas Final.


Our finalists have been split into 7 categories and will be pitching to compete for the runner-up (£250) and winners prize (£1000) of each category.

The pitching event and networking for finalists and judges will finish at 5pm and finalists should look out for a email instructing them of registration times.


We then invite friends and staff for the ceremony and reception starting at 5pm


5:00 – 6:15pm – Ceremony (Guests welcome)

Our panel runners-up will give a public summary of their idea.

We will then have a Keynote speaker.

After, the panel winners will give a 1 minute pitch, from which the audience make their People’s Choice vote on who they believe gave the best pitch.

6:15 -8:00pm – Reception (Guests welcome)

Relax and enjoy a selection of food and drinks as we celebrate the end of the 2016/2017 Bright Ideas competition.


Sponsors of prizes and categories:

We would like to say a huge thank you to our sponsors this year. We thank all those who have supported Kingston University’s Enterprise programme to unlock the enterprising talent of so many students.

Market test: sponsoring the Judges’ Prize (Golden ticket)

Renal: Awarding the Science Prize

SRBC: awarding the Freeland and Creative Arts Prize

Worth capital: Sponsoring the Products Prize

Stefano: Sponsoring the Science prize

Enterprise Start-Up Fair


The Enterprise Start-Up Fair is held in association with the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the world’s largest campaign to promote entrepreneurship. This year we are inviting many organisations, who focus on entrepreneurship and support start-ups, to introduce their services and provide you with information to help develop an entrepreneurial mind-set or support you in starting your own business.

What is Global Entrepreneurship Week ?

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet organisations that provide support for start-up businesses;
  • Network with like-minded people and share ideas;
  • Attend the workshop on how to use social media successfully;
  • And listen to one of our illustrious alumni talking about how to be successful in business!

13.00 pm – Exhibition Open (KHBS Atrium)

Find out how you can get started. Our exhibitors represent a wide range of support for those exploring enterprising ideas, setting up new business, or going freelance. Confirmed exhibitors include : Pivomo, IQ in IT, Satander and many more.


We also have workshops run by guest speakers such as Delia Porter, Nicolle Anderson, Nick Phillips  and Paul Andrews.

14.30 pm – Social Media Workshop (KHBS 3036)

Delia and Nicolle will be sharing their experiences of using social media to grow their clients’ businesses as well as their own. Done well, social media can significantly help businesses to succeed. Come along to find out about the challenges, the pitfalls to avoid, and top tips for success.

16.15 pm – Intellectual Property Workshop (KHFL 1032)

Nick and Paul will be discussing a brief introduction to the main IP rights with some worked examples. With considerable experience in advising clients on data protection, e-commerce, domain names and internet related issues, Nick and Paul’s workshop is not one to miss to protect your trade secrets.

17.45 pm – Iprofile-picnsights with Junior Ogunyemi

What is it that you need to be a successful entrepreneur and what is it like?  Multi-Award winning entrepreneur, author and TedX speaker Junior Ogunyemi shares his lessons as the grand finale to our start-up fair!


Location: Kingston University Business School, Kingston Hill

Time and Date: 17th Novemer 2016 (1:00pm – 8pm)

Book your ticket now

The Launch

The Enterprise! team is back and better than ever for the new academic year. 


Thanks to everyone who came to the 2017 Launch this year.


During our exhibition event, illustrious KU alumni were given KU’s very own currency. They were asked to splash the fake cash on which exhibition stand they loved the most. Congratulations Nidhin Jayaprakash for winning the competition (and £500 Amazon vouchers!) with his business, ACM, that aims to eliminate nitrous oxide from car fumes. 

Fifteen businesses took to the Business School Atrium to showcase their talents and they did not disappoint! Guest enjoyed businesses such as Odella Yue a creative chinese inspired fashion company that users can play a online game to produce a fabric that matches their personality. Other businesses included Gleam, a highly reflective glove for cyclists to improve road safety.




Kingston University is the number one university for graduate starting and we pride ourselves on giving our students the best possible resources and expertise. 


Thank you to all the business that took part!

Photos will be released soon!


The 2016 Launch


Bright Ideas runner up – Anna Sowerby

Anna Sowerby, Law student and Bright Ideas winner, took home £250 after pitching her idea ‘Transgender Athletes and Equality’  to a panel of judges at the competition final – congratulations Anna!

Anna, please tell me a bit about your idea.

My idea is a threefold social enterprise model, focussing on raising awareness of the challenges faced by transgender athletes. Firstly, there would be a conference aimed at the public, sports event organisers, national governing bodies and athletes, in order to raise awareness of the discrimination, the current legal standing, and possible areas of improvement. Secondly, advisory workshops would be offered to those susceptible to legal action, if guidelines were not followed. Finally, as it is a social enterprise, the money raised would help get a rising sports star, who is transgender, to help achieve their goal.

Anna SowerbyWhat inspired you to enter Bright Ideas?

What inspired my idea was reading a news article, where a 10yr old was disqualified after coming second in a national competition, because she was transgender. This triggered the lawyer in me, as I thought that this is an area that needs to be looked at, however, this cannot be done unless awareness is raised to the issue. Therefore, my idea came to light, and I intend to pursue it in my future career.

How do you feel about the judging process and the feedback you received from our judges?

The judging process was extremely valuable, it is much easier explaining your ideas in person rather than on paper. The judges at the Trigger event were helpful in developing the idea, and making you think deeper into areas you hadn’t considered. The overall feedback I got from the final was extremely encouraging. To think that others in the industry believe that my idea is a noble cause is great. It is even better when one of the judging panel says you should become a barrister, when you are doing a law degree. Overall, despite the process being challenging, it was extremely useful.

What are you most proud of?

I am more proud of the fact that I have raised awareness amongst the contestants and got them thinking about the issues, although to be a runner up is a huge achievement, when you are going up against some truly amazing ideas. Some amazing feedback such as being a great public speaker and that I should become a barrister gives me huge confidence in pursuing my career as a lawyer.

What do you aim to do with your winnings from Bright Ideas?

This is a really tricky question, but at the moment I intend it to go towards my Legal Practice Course (LPC), which will give me the qualification to become a lawyer. I suppose it is an investment into my career so that one day I can put my idea into practise.

Looking back, what would you have done differently with your idea?

Looking back, I would probably have reached the social enterprise model sooner, so that the judges could have helped me develop the idea even more. Although I am extremely pleased with the final proposal that I put to the judges, especially as it took me a while to work out how the idea would be phrased and the benefit it would have on a wider society.

How do you feel about the overall experience of entering Bright Ideas?

The overall experience has been second to none. Going up against some really amazing ideas has helped me develop my own thinking, and how to look at things from a different perspective. Everyone was so lovely and welcoming, and we all became good friends by the end, which is what entering competitions like this is all about.

There is huge passion at the university to help students achieve their aims, and to give them a head start with their career, which this competition has certainly given me. Through Bright Ideas, I have developed a simple idea, into a sustainable social enterprise model, which I can now use as a tangible skill in my future career, as well as developing my ‘pitch-making’ skills.

How did Enterprise and Kingston University support you in developing and growing your ideas?

I had lots of support before I even reached the Trigger event. I remember discussing my idea with the event organiser to see whether it would be an idea worth entering, and I certainly am glad I did! Also, I remember discussing it with my lecturers at the law school who thought it was truly original, which gave me more confidence to enter. When we got to the Trigger event, the Enterprise team were really helpful in developing my idea further, from putting onto a structured business plan, into a 3-minute pitch. The tips received from Enterprise were extremely valuable with regards to the pitch and how it should be structured, which is emphasised through my feedback, as I was complimented a few times on the structure and delivery of my pitch.

Without enterprise you can never fully understand how an organisation works. We are surrounded by enterprise. Enterprise is not always found in the word ‘business’.

Bright Futures with SquidLondon

Last week we were thrilled to launch our first ever Bright Futures for Freelancers! We invited creative students from across the university to take part in a day full of workshops and talks designed to develop their skills for self-employment.

After a networking session with Dwain Ried, Will Holmes from Equity joined us to share his insights on freelancing from within a union. Later, Jack from Phundee shared his journey towards creating a successful crowd funding platform. BF

During the afternoon, SquidLondon took over the workshop, working with our groups of students to create, develop and plan their ideas. The aim was to give the students an idea of the entrepreneurship process, so that they could then have more confidence in pursing their ideas in the future. Working throughout the afternoon, our students came up with four inspiring business ideas, which were:

  • Clean Bean –  collaborating with Local coffee shops, reusing Coffee Grounds for skin care
  • The Flattables – flat pack lunch box range, can be easily stored and packed away after lunch
  • P-Free Plastics – a new trademark stamp for chemical free packaging
  • ForgetMeNot (FMN) – a find my belongings device (app and electronic sensor)

BF2 All of our students’ ideas were innovative and resourceful, and we thought we’d better put them to the test! We hosted an intense pitch-off, during which an elected member of each group was asked to present to the room. Questions (of which there were many) were fired, a la Dragon’s Den, and when the votes were counted, ForgetMeNot were crowned the overall winners – congrats! BF4

Huge thanks to Viviane from SquidLondon who gave some great advice, as well as Jack from Phundee and Will from Equity. If you want to take part in the next Bright Futures event, you can sign up here!