Bright Futures!

Bright Futures! is a day-long bootcamp designed to help you develop your enterprising skills. It features guest entrepreneurs, inspiring speakers, games and simulations, and offers a unique opportunity to network with a diverse range of students from different courses and backgrounds.

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Tuesday 12th June 2018

Wednesday 12th September 2018

Can I take part?

Yes! KU students from any course, background and level can attend. While some students come with considerable work experience, others have none at all. The programme is designed to bring together diverse skills and experiences for everyone’s benefit.

Why should I take part?

  • If you are applying to Bright Ideas, then you will most certainly gain from the Bright Futures experience – build your idea, get feedback, find support.
  • To start communicating more effectively
  • To build your networking skills to help you find jobs and support for your ideas
  • To meet like-minded students and entrepreneurs to inspire you
  • To add more to your CV and build your career
  • To have fun while developing your employability skills and developing your enterprising spirit

Students from any course, background and level can attend.

I have questions. Can I talk to anyone?

Of course. Please get in touch with Dwain Reid (, our Entrepreneurship Project Officer at Kingston University.