5 Reasons You Should Enter Competitions

Student competitions represent a myriad of chances for you: a dais for you to showcase your abilities and a stepping – stone to achieving things in life. Every year at Kingston University London, we run a number of business competitions for students from all faculties. These students normally enter the competitions with ideas that they want to develop or businesses that they want to grow, or with just a willingness to do something new.

 Here Are 5 Reasons why you should enter the competitions:



  1. The prize fund can provide a much needed boost.


2. Gain access to mentors and networking opportunities


3.Improve key transferable skills



4. You often have a decent chance to win



5. Shortcut to success


Keep a tab on our competitions and start applying!

If you want to read more about why you need to enter student competitions, make sure you check out this website: http://studentcompetitions.com/posts/five-reasons-you-should-participate-in-a-student-competition


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