Why attending workshops and bootcamps can help startups

If you are wanting to do the best for your startup then workshops and boot camps are some of the most efficient ways to gain necessary experience that can be put in to progressing your business. 


Start ups can always come to bumps in the road where they may need a little help.


There may be a time when you could use a wider market audience but don’t know how, or need some extra funding, making you feel a little tense.


But Enterprise! has the answers. Workshops and boot camps provide interactive ways to demonstrate difficult concepts and methods that you can apply to your business. 


It’s a great way to talk to professional people about your current issues and learn their experience.


Often things like finance and legal issues can you leave you a little…


So why not learn from the professionals that have been through it all themselves and can give you first handed advice and transfer their knowledge bombs on to you. 


Apart from the knowledge bombs, they are great chances to meet other budding entrepreneurs to swap your trades and broaden your network. You scratch my back, I scratch yours right?

tumblr_myucjmdugv1qdl718o1_500You can use all you’ve learnt and transfer it back into your business because everyone loves a dynamic growing business. 


So here are some of our upcoming workshops and boot camps for you to have a browse:

WED 2 NOVEMBER – Boot camp: Bright futures – PRJG2002 

WED 9 NOVEMBER – Workshop: How to get money from your customers – PRJG5002

WED 23 NOV – Workshop: Bright Ideas and Chill – PRJG5002

WED 30 NOV – Workshop: How to create a perfect pitch – PRJG3003

Go on… 


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