As one of the UK’s leading university for graduate start-ups, we’re always keen to keep up with our enterprise champions!

Our Enterprise! Spotlight series gives you an insight into what our current students and graduates have been achieving with their own entrepreneurial ventures – from design companies to charities to digital businesses.

You can browse through out stories in the slider below. If you’re a Kingston student or graduate with a developing business, social enterprise or freelance career, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch at:


  • Welcome to the revolution
  • 4Delta are taking the 3D printing world by storm
  • Tina Travels - An exciting travel consultancy company.
  • Jerks - The Afro-Caribbean cuisine takes over UK
  • RentalHub - Read about the online community is set up for students to rent their products or offer their services.
  • Capital Art - Read about how Marina Panahidudran is taking the Iranian art world by storm.
  • Read about Unlab - The innovative start up taking upcycling to new heights
  • Quickmunch- A student friendly online food delivery service
  • KludeOn- A life utility app designed to solve everyday problems
  • Find out about L.Samuel, a stationary product with integrated charging technology.
  • Get insight into Grocemania, the tech based grocery delivery service.
  • Find out about the successes of one of our Tier One Graduate Entrepreneurs and his fine art gallery in London!
  • Read how Jordan Bucknell turned a laptop and some homemade business cards into Upbeat Agency, a successful digital marketing agency.
  • Ben Atkinson-Willes social enterprise, Active Minds, provides mentally stimulating activities for individuals with memory disorders.
  • Hend Krichen manufactures and retails handmade luxury home-wares and accessories. Find out more about her line.
  • Entrepreneur Neomi Bennet creator of Neo-Slip has appeared on the Chrissy B Show and even Dragon’s Den! Find out more about her story.
  • Rishi Chowdhury is taking steps to help other ambitious students to start their businesses with IncuBus - find out how!
  • Hazel Oaks' lingerie brand takes inspiration from London's vibrant cities. Find out more about her creative venture.
  • Sarah Begum's work as a freelance documentary film-maker has lead her across the world to the Amazon rainforest. Find out about her adventures and her inspiration.
  • Since leaving her role as President of Kingston Entrepreneurs Society, Gabriella Bergin-Cartwright has maximised on her leadership skills.
  • Jayesh Hirani has blended his love of technology with the practical need for safer minicabs. Find out about his entrepreneurial venture.
  • Bo Sun's innovative designs feature ancient decorative techniques from her Chinese heritage. Read about her plans to launch a small boutique in London.
  • Learn about how Natalie Oliveri's freelance career lead to the development of her own business.

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